The Wines

A treasured member of proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset’s family, Frenchie represents the essence of style and Franco-American history. His wines, with an abundance of ambition, are charming, opulent and brimming with personality. Each wine is crafted to reflect a historical figure that helped shape the history of his two homelands.

From Napoleon and Marie Antoinette to Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin – these wines are the culmination of Frenchie’s dedication to producing quality wines from some of the best vineyards along California’s North Coast. Open a bottle and pour a glass – we’re sure you will find something to wag your tail about.

Betsy Ross

The moment you sniff the enticing aromas of this mouth-watering blend of Chardonnay and French Colombard, your tail is sure to w

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Fragrant aromas of plum, cassis and cherry cordial with earthy hints of licorice and cocoa nibs.

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