2017 Cabernet Sauvignon


Aromas and flavors of black and red fruit, with hints of cassis and subtle notes of oak unleash in your glass. This red blend has great structure and balance and although you would assume it to have a short finish, it is quite long. A wine sure to make you drool.

On Sunday, December 2, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned as Emperor of France.  Not wanting to be an old regime monarch, Napoleon explained that “to be king is to inherit old ideas and genealogy.    I don’t want to descend from anyone… the title of Emperor is greater.” Napoleon has gone down in history as the greatest leader of France.

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Belly Rub

Pairs well with a nice long belly rub and a nap.

Betsy Ross

The moment you sniff the enticing aromas of this mouth-watering blend of Chardonnay and French Colombard, your tail is sure to w

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