The "Frenchie" Revolution MMXII

Frenchie, a treasured member of Raymond Vineyards’ Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset’s family, represents the essence of style and French history. From his home in the Napa Valley, Frenchie boasts grand and audacious ambitions. Like another small but famous Frenchman before him – the famed Napoleon Bonaparte – Frenchie dreams of a wine empire of his own.

Watch the drama as the revolution to create the world’s first dog wine empire unfolds, and come visit Frenchie’s home in the Napa Valley – Frenchie Winery at Raymond Vineyards: 849 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, CA.



The "Frenchie" Revolution - Act I

This video is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as we start to see the story of how Frenchie Winery came about and all the shinanigans this mischievous little French Bulldog starts to get into. Sit back, sip and enjoy!

The "Frenchie" Revolution - Act II

Frenchie listens to his father and Raymond Vineyards Proprietor, Jean-Charles Boisset describe his grand vision for the Raymond Vineyards winery, from the Theater of Nature to the Crystal Cellar and Red Room. Is Frenchie listening so intently because he sees the same vision, or for other selfish reasons?

The "Frenchie" Revolution - Act III

The Tipping Point Continued - Act IV

Watch as Frenchie’s imagination goes wild in this fun little dream sequence where he imagines taking his father, Jean-Charles Boisset, hostage and starts his pursuit of taking over the winery!

The End... or is it? - Act V

Watch as Frenchie sends his father, Jean-Charles Boisset to the guillotine in his quest to take over the winery. Does the end of his father mean the beginning of Frenchie’s legacy? Watch and find out.

Frenchie's Leadership - Act VI

Now that Frenchie has taken over the winery, is being the leader all its cracked up to be? Watch and find out.

The Dog Days of Freedom - Act VII

With his father, Jean-Charles Boisset, out of the picture, watch how Frenchie spends his time with his new found freedom.